I have tried to start blogs in the past and I never really end up sticking to them, mostly because I could never seem to figure out what it was that I wanted to bring to the table. The blogs that I read were fashion, makeup, and lifestyle, which was what I consumed in order to decompress after work or classes, and while these are still interesting topics to me, I don’t think I have anything to bring to that table. My fashion sense is very simple and minimalistic, my makeup is also very natural and simple, and my lifestyle is not terribly exciting for anyone who wants to live vicariously through blogs. Because of these “deficiencies” that I saw in my blogs, I quit the blog format and moved to Instagram. There was something fun about the combination of image and text in a tiny format that appealed to me – this appeal only grew when I stumbled upon the community known as #bookstagram.

I had originally begun posting pictures of what I was reading just so I could keep track of it all and also so I would guilt myself into actually reading everything (I felt if at least one other person acknowledged the picture, I would feel compelled to actually finish it). I also posted pictures on my IG because, at the time, no one around me really cared much about the texts I found interesting. I thought that maybe there would be at least one or two people who would have overlapping interests as I did on social media. Just for fun I decided to figure out what hashtags people were using to tag their pictures of books, which is how I found Bookstagram. From there I suddenly found a lot of people who either had similar interests to me, or who had enough interest in literature to ask about my specific interests, even if they themselves didn’t necessarily read the same books.

My experience with Instagram has been my first real foray into the allure of personal social media use; for the first time I can actually see, from a personal perspective, what it is like to connect with a group of people via a social media platform. And it feels great! At this point in the narrative, you might wonder what this has to do with blogging. Since becoming a part of a virtual literary circle, I have also had the chance to see other styles of blogging – including book reviews, articles on literary events, etc. – and I realized that this is a realm that I have a stake in. I can write about the things I do on a daily basis and someone might actually care, just a little bit.

This is why this blog exists, because there is a part of me that figures that if even one person looks at what I do (academia and full-time work) with a smidge of interest, then we can talk and we can connect.

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