I am a writer and editor living in Minnesota.

I am a regular contributor to The Ploughshares Blog, where I focus on critical analysis and reviews of literature in translation (particularly work by contemporary Japanese women writers), work by Asian American writers, and academic texts written for a general audience. As a freelance writer, I enjoy working on cultural criticism through a multicultural lens by drawing on aspects from both Japanese and Western traditions to analyze popular media, historical events, or my own personal experience. I am also currently working on a collection of linked short stories, as well as a novel.

My latest writing can be found here.

As the Departments Editor for The New Territory Magazine I am in charge of producing and editing personal essays and reviews for a biannual print literary magazine. While the magazine is geared toward a midwestern audience, I aim to present a wide range of voices from a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages, and experiences to showcase a fuller picture of what constitutes “the Midwest”. My favorite writers to work with are those who teach me something I never knew about the region where I grew up.

I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago and another Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan.

*All photos taken by me unless otherwise stated