I am a writer and editor living in Minnesota.

I am a regular contributor to The Ploughshares Blog, where I focus on critical analysis and reviews of literature in translation (particularly work by contemporary Japanese women writers), work by Asian American writers, and academic texts written for a general audience. As a freelance writer, I enjoy working on cultural criticism through a multicultural lens by drawing on aspects from both Japanese and Western traditions to analyze popular media, historical events, or my own personal experience. My latest writing can be found here.

As the Departments Editor for The New Territory Magazine I am in charge of producing and editing personal essays and reviews for a biannual print literary magazine. While the magazine is geared toward a midwestern audience, I aim to present a wide range of voices from a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages, and experiences to showcase a fuller picture of what constitutes “the Midwest”. My favorite writers to work with are those who teach me something I never knew about the region where I grew up.

I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago and another Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan.

*All photos taken by me unless otherwise stated